OK Creeper!

I am currently taking a very well earned break from Narcsite.com. I have given a lot of my time over there attempting to help others, being helped myself, also having a laugh, many a giggle and most importantly continuing my education into Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). I must say, I have really moved from examining… Read More OK Creeper!

Say Cheese!

Now, I don’t know whether it’s CV-19 or if there is generally something in the air at the moment but maybe you lovely people can help me work this oneout? In the last couple of months I have had two really quite strange incidents involving photographs. To be more precise, pornographic photographs. To be even… Read More Say Cheese!

Who is Ren?

I’ve been thinking recently about me. Yes, very egotistical I know. I have had another baby. Red Rose Publications Ltd. It was a trying time. However, it is done and now matters can commence. In line with this and in keeping with my own sense of legacy, the blog will now turn to matters more… Read More Who is Ren?

Captain Jack says ‘Hi! And the Rum is holding up…Saavy?’

With ‘The Virus’ running rampant and even affecting our dear and much beloved Prime Mister, I was getting a tad concerned for Jack. I should not have been concerned. We did have a brief bit of chit-chat about the state of the Rum, and whether I would receive ‘The Bum’ I desperately craved. Fortunately I… Read More Captain Jack says ‘Hi! And the Rum is holding up…Saavy?’

On Patience

So I’ve been playing a game over the last 24 hours. Two actually. One is the game of ‘Patience’ and the other is my old favourite, the Tarot. Two decks of cards. One, has 52 cards, the other, 78. Playing cards are very funny things indeed. How did they evolve? And why? Is it just… Read More On Patience

The Red Revolution

I’m calling for our next Revolution. Or more accurately, I’m calling out to society to recognise the massive spiritual revolution which began in the 1960’s.  However, before we get to what I am terming, the Purple Revolution,, we have delineate two of the other revolutions. Like many trends in biological systems, they do not follow… Read More The Red Revolution

‘The Game.’

Yesterday, the writer HG Tudor published a piece outlining his views on a work of BBC journalist, Myles Bonnar, It concerns an horrifying movement called ‘The Game’. Essentially, it is a trend where men gather on the web to exchange what they might loosely call ‘dating tips’ but which any fool can see are distributing… Read More ‘The Game.’

Ten Empathic Superpowers and why they are (almost) all wrong.

So, a close friend sent me a link to this article here. It details how absolutely God-Spankingly BRILLIANT!!! are Empaths and ‘Why we should not be messed with. EVER!’ Well frankly, I concur. We are. But not for the reasons the author, Elizabeth Williams is espousing. A lot of the article referenced makes me wonder… Read More Ten Empathic Superpowers and why they are (almost) all wrong.


Or the post-weaponised Empaths’ eternal struggle. A bit of background before I expand. The author, H G Tudor (a diagnosed malignant ‘Master’ Narcissist) asserts that all narcissists (Ns) have a fuel matrix. (For fuel read Narcissistic Supply). The size of this matrix depends on the school involved and these are the Lessers, Middles and the… Read More Stalemate

Hoovering by Gaslight

I keep seeing (and hearing) the word ‘fractionation’. It has seemingly come from nowhere and now abounds Fet regularly. I didn’t know what it was at first until some kind soul elucidated it to me. Ah, I thought; I know what that is. It’s a combination of the seduction, silent treatment, talk to me now, respite, benevolent and… Read More Hoovering by Gaslight

“I’ll Pleasure You” – (NSFW) VenusandEros on Worshipping Her With His Tongue.

This is so worth a read. I was incredibly fortunate enough to experience this recently. It couldn’t work alas and am licking my wounds. I needed to read this today to remind me of what true passion is. I hope I find it again. Source: “I’ll Pleasure You” – (NSFW) VenusandEros on Worshipping Her With… Read More “I’ll Pleasure You” – (NSFW) VenusandEros on Worshipping Her With His Tongue.