You can keep your Hitachi’s; I’m a Pifco ‘Gurl’…

I suspect that some of us on here of a certain vintage (discreetly coughs) are very familiar with that mighty business colossus known as ‘Pifco’. Much like a spreading cancer, for a few decades they had thoroughly corned the small white goods market/personal items market in the UK. Who knows, maybe even the world?

I think maybe, every home in the UK had one of their many household products. I chiefly remember the nail buffer/polisher/sander thingy and of course ‘The Pifco Electric Massager’.

I have some very fond memories of the Pifco Electric Massager. I first made it’s acquaintance when Mother Fox rescued it from its box in the loft; origin unknown. It was pretty much to a horny little teen fox slut like me, like a dose of catnip wrapped up in a bag of crack.

I remember seeing the box for the first time and opening it up; fitting all the attachments onto it. I fingered the small dark hard Bakelite-esq one with an exciting and very cunning idea. I was 13.

I ‘liberated’ the ‘Massager’ one evening from under my parents bed and in the dead of night got to work. The rest is history.

So you can keep your Doxy’s, your Hitachi’s and your Lovehoney wands. I will always remain brand loyal, forever a Pifco girl.

Mind you; maybe Pifco had a marketing strategy ahead of its time. Wasn’t it Roseanne Barr who said “”Hitachi make such a good vibrator, I think I’ll buy one of their TVs!”

I wonder if I can buy their trademark? Now there is a cunning idea!

Edited to add… Alas and alack! ‘Pifco’ are still trading

Weird that their slogan is now ‘It’s a way of life’… if only they knew!

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