I really, really want to like you Kink.com. But I cannot. [Sad face]

I was perusing the videos  today and one right at the top of the pile caught my eye. It struck me as being a, commercial and b, highly reminiscent of Kink.com.

Now it may be or it may not be. Not sure.

But it got me thinking.

It was an ex who initially pointed me to Kink.com over two years ago. And in that time I have tried, oh my God I have tried to love that place. But, I cannot. And they have hoodies too!

Let’s take the basement level. It’s just so fucking brutal. And I’m not talking about the implement use or torture (lovely). I’m talking about the surroundings. Bare concrete. Floors, walls and ceiling. The odd industrial shaped shackle which looks like its maximum safe working load may take a pregnant Blue Whale at full term. It’s cold, austere. It somewhat resembles a George Osborne budget when he’s running sacred on Brexit. (2p on the pound Gideon!! Really?)

I digress.

Where is the luxury? The soft furnishings? The leather Chesterfield? Indecently shaped Hookahs filled with hashish? Hmmm?

OK, well maybe the ‘Upper Level’ then? Oh my dear Lord. No.

Yes to men in suits. Yes to lovely surroundings. Yes to nubile young girls. But have you ever seen one of their compilation videos? I watch it in utter confusion. Everything happens so fast. All I hear are ear-piercing shrieks, wails, some moans. (Not many). [Sadface]. It honestly does not want to make me hand over my hard earned cash.

It turns me off.

I want quiet. I WANT brutal. But I am also a creature of sensation. Soft throws, candles, Turkish rugs….hashish. You know what I mean ladies.

Where is the porn for me? Where is the porn aimed at a kinky sub who want to watch other subs being beaten and imagine myself in their place? I don’t think it exists. Why doesn’t it exist?

I do believe there is a market for it and if anyone can point me to a url, I would be ever so grateful.

I guess what I need to do is re-watch my own videos and let my imagination work. But maybe, someday, the utterly depraved and sexual creatures that women are will finally be recognised. And catered for. Properly.

I want ethical porn. I want my kinks to be catered for. I want to recognise myself and my desires. I want them reflected back at me.

And really, really; one size, does not fit all.

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