Sadism vs Masochism: Call for thoughts!

sadde1Hi folks

So I am wrestling with this whole concept in a chapter for my book that I am writing at the moment. Essentially it is this;

Sexual masochists

Class I: Bothered by, but not seeking out, fantasies. May be preponderantly sadists with minimal masochistic tendencies or non-sadomasochistic with minimal masochistic tendencies
Class II: Equal mix of sadistic and masochistic tendencies. Like to receive pain but also like to be dominant partner (in this case, sadists). Sexual orgasm is achieved without pain or humiliation.
Class III: Masochists with minimal to no sadistic tendencies. Preference for pain or humiliation (which facilitates orgasm), but not necessary to orgasm. Capable of romantic attachment.
Class IV: Exclusive masochists (i.e. cannot form typical romantic relationships, cannot achieve orgasm without pain or humiliation).

Sexual sadists

Class I: Bothered by sexual fantasies but do not act on them.
Class II: Act on sadistic urges with consenting sexual partners (masochists or otherwise).
Class III: Act on sadistic urges with non-consenting victims, but do not seriously injure or kill. May coincide with sadistic rapists.
Class IV: Only act with non-consenting victims and will seriously injure or kill them.
The difference between I–II and III–IV is consent.

So, I am clear on what I am – a Class III masochist. But I’m interested where others view themselves and how they came to this process in the first place.

In particular, I have these questions

1 – Did you start off as a Level I (either way) and then seek to find those experiences, or did they happen during play and you learnt something about yourselves?

2 – So if you had knowledge first and then moved to stage II, is it conceivable you could also move onto other stages?

3 – I don’t know any sado-maschosists so I am particularly interested in those views. How does that work for you? Does that naturally align with being a switch or is it something else altogether?

Love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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