A Very Naughty Business!

2fcf64b1511794597a9719a915dafc79What a way the world has of throwing the strangest things into our laps! Quite by chance, I discovered a long forgotten manuscript in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.

The author of this manuscript has been proven to be one of the strangest and most eccentric of characters! Born in 1873 to a very wealthy family, he spent his time running around with Prime Ministers, the Oscar Wilde set plus various member’s of the Decadent movement in Paris.

The tale that has unfolded is jaw dropping. It is shocking. It is funny and it is perverse. It is also in places unblushingly obscene. Written in 1943 just before his own death, at a time when homosexuality would not be made legal for decades, it still has the power to move.

Together with my partner, SF_Leather, we will be publishing the first part of his memoirs, ‘The Dead Past’ hopefully, in time for Christmas.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, Sir Edmund Backhouse. Here is an extract from the memoir.

Like the Arabs and the Ottomans (today called Turks) Lord Rosebery was fortunate in his ability to perform a lingering and protracted copulation equally agreeable to both parties; it was his custom to prolong the action of sex for some twenty minutes; if not more, retaining his large, thickset organ stationary and fixed in the patient’s rectum and, I suppose, similarly inserted (mutatis mutandis) in case of inter-sexual commerce.

I paid to him many visits in his Midlothian home; but forbear to repeat those details. Ab uno disce omnes! Let the reader guess the course these strange idiosyncrasies of sex taken if the matter attracts them.

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