A Very Dirty Royal Secret

TW: This wiring touches on paedophilia and homosexuality as was viewed as a criminal offence in Victorian England. I assert that homosexuality, whilst being illegal until the repeal of the Criminal Amendment Act of 1885 in 1967, has never been a moral crime.
This writing needs to be viewed in that context.

Reading the Telegraph today, I came across this article here. Chief Constable Mike Veale leading Operation Conifer is certain that the former UK Prime Minister, Edward Heath was a paedophile.

A Prime Minster of the United Kingdom was an abuser and sodomiser of children.

Presumably, he was also abusing whilst he was in Office. Heath died in 2005.

There were rumours swirling around him for years. Heath would have had around the clock police protection; whilst in post and even after Thatcher booted him out. How on earth was he allowed to get away with it then and why is it only now that Veale can state in print that he was a criminal of the most serious kind?

He got away with it for one reason and one reason only. The British Royal Family. Shocking, right? Ready to come down the rabbit hole with me? Good. I am going to challenge some deep misconceptions about our society. But it is time we now drain the swamp.

The evidence behind this is appalling. It is corrupt. It is vile. It has its origins in ancient history and it is still going on today. I am going to split this up into two historical periods, the 1880’s-1890’s and 1960’s-1970’s.

I will show you how deeply interconnected this all is. As we tread on one part of the web, we pull on another. It would take many thousands of words to explain it all thoroughly so I won’t. I will leave crumbs for others to do their own research.


This period was a time of deep political unrest. Queen Victoria was never a popular monarch. Eight assassination attempts on her life shows that she was pissing people off, royally. By the late ‘80s, her star was on the ascendant again but it had been a very close run thing. The Monarchy could well have collapsed. And that could never be allowed to happen. The Monarchy is the glue that holds the upper echelons of society together. It provides wealth, position and title to the Elite ruling classes. Without it, we would have a true democracy with an elected House of Lords.

Let’s examine the following events

Bloody Sunday November 1887, Trafalgar Square. The Army and the Police turn on a march of 30,000 people. 400 arrested. 75 badly injured. One man is killed. The person in charge of the Met? Sir Charles Warren.
The Autumn of Terror – August to November 1888 aka The Whitechapel Murders. Man in charge of the Police? Warren. Inspector Abberline was a lead detective.
The Cleveland Street Sex Scandal – Abberline in charge of the investigation
The Trial of Oscar Wilde or the protection by proxy of the Prime Minister – Lord Rosebery
All of these events are connected.

Warren was a Mason. A very highly connected and highly placed Mason. And a very knowledgeable one too. In a previous life he had led archaeological excavations Jerusalem in itself. Right underneath of the authorities; investigating Solemn’s first temple.

Warren took the wrap in a BIG way for the Bloody Sunday atrocity. It is an anathema to have a society which allows the police and army to turn on their own people who are legitimately protesting.

But what happened during Bloody Sunday set the scene, it painted the picture for the events that would unfold. It was the virtual ‘full stop’. It presented to the Elite a society which was deeply at odds with itself. A working class brutalised to the point of full rebellion. Ground into the dust with deeply unfair work practices, starvation and mass unemployment. Society teetered on the edge. Out of events like these and others, eventually the Labour Party would arise.

Let’s move to the Ripper. Why was he never caught? In a way, he was. The Establishment have known for years who that mans’ identity was. His victims are far more than five. The Ripper is not important but his crimes were. His crimes were deeply Masonic in nature and extremely anti-establishment. Warren knew this. He and others covered it up and it is STILL being covered up today.

If it had got out that the Ripper had been protected, that the Ripper was attempting to show how corrupt the system was; curtains for the Queen. That could never be allowed to happen. Don’t believe me? Then how did the fact that Jack managed to get into cellars of New Scotland Yard not once but twice and deposit body parts in there was pretty much roundly suppressed by the police? I bet a LOT of people don’t that know nugget. Google it.

Why were the inquests into the five prostitutes so roundly fucked up by the police surgeon and the coroner as to be misleading and misdirecting in extremis? They were both Masons by the way. Why are the inquest notes for little Johnny Gill, an 8-year-old boy, cruelly tortured, sodomised and mutilated in Bradford in 1889 still being held in secrecy by the government? What is it that we are not allowed to see? Even NOW!

Post JtR; Warren suddenly resigned. On the day of the last canonical victim, Mary Jane Kelley’s body being discovered. Or rather, he fudged it so that it would appear as if he had resigned the night before. It had got just too damned hot.

Cleveland Street. An illegal homosexual brothel frequented by members of the Liberal cabinet and none other than the second in line to the British throne, Prince Albert Victor AKA Prince Eddy. (Daddy Eddy, the Prince of Wales, was head of the Masons by the way.) Gormless and dumb Eddy. So confident of his protection was he that he could swan around the West-End, picking up male prostitutes or ‘renters’, and taking them to the house there.

The crime of sodomy carried a life sentence. Gross indecency two years’ hard labour. When his involvement came to light, Eddy was very quickly packed off abroad. He died in 1892. Other big names were allowed to escape and were never brought to trial. Abberline certainly knew who they were. Half of London did. But the Establishment and the Monarchy must be protected at all costs.

The Trial of Wilde. Now this is where it becomes interesting. Wilde was convicted of gross indecency. But how come his male lover, Lord Alfred Douglas (Bosie) never stood trial for his part in it? Well. That was because Bosie’s brother was Francis Douglas, Viscount Drumlanrig, heir to the Marquis of Queensbury and lover to none other than the Prime Minister himself, Lord Rosebery. Parallels with Heath?

Drumlanrig died in mysterious circumstances.

In essence, it is suspected he was being blackmailed over his relationship with Rosebery and killed himself. The connection between Rosebery and Wilde is a shade too close for comfort. Rosebery had an extreme nervous collapse – still in office by the way – just after Wilde was sent the libellous calling card from Queensbury staying that Wilde was ‘posing as a sodomite’.

It is assumed that Queensbury blackmailed Rosebery staying that he would go public with the information that Rosebery himself was a sodomite.

Rosebery’s part in the sex scandal never came out publicly. Though it was common knowledge on the continent and the States. Let us bare that thought on the nature of the free press in mind for one moment.

Wilde was Irish and perhaps more importantly not part of the British Establishment. And certainly NOT a Mason.

The uproar over Wildes’ conviction safely drew flack away from the Elite. Job done. And Ireland and the UK lost one of the most talented men of his generation. Broken on the back of the penal system. Abhorred by society and an unmentionable for the rest of his life. And some good time after. Broken because of what he knew and not what he was.

The thread that draws all of these points together is the Masons. The whipping boy par excellence. But it isn’t the Masons in totality. They are not protecting themselves; they are grouping around their hive mind; The Royal Family. Or to put it another way, their ‘Queen’. Without her, they would not have their own positions of privilege and riches. And if Jack slew a few dozen men women and children; so be it. Just as long as it didn’t get too close for comfort.

As we wander through late Victorian E glad we are constantly presented with mysteries that make no sense.

In Part 2 I will look at events closer to use in time and show how they have a relevance, even for today.

Thank you for reading.

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