Let’s talk about Sex baby!

Trigger Warning. Explicit sexual content and consensual rape fantasy.

People do ask, what is sex like with a N type? Well; it’s a mixed bag. Some N’s are totally fucking rubbish in the sack; others are veritable Gods. In H G Tudors’ book, Sex and the Narcissist, he talks about how the N feels as they are involved in ‘coupling’.

I think its only fair that I talk about how it feels for the E during ‘coupling’. Of course, an E is not engaging in intercourse because they need fuel; they do it for the connection, the feelings, the intimacy. So let’s start with a typical sex session (Please note that I never refer to it as lovemaking as that implies there is genuine love on both sides, however to the external observer what I am about to describe sounds very much like lovemaking as opposed to a brutal hard fuck.)

I begin to stir, I’m waking up. The N is behind me, holding me in his arms. I’m still in the golden period.

The alarm goes off and I react. He switches it off. We can have ten more minutes. Then he pulls me closer in his arms. I feel his hard cock against my ass. He pushes it forwards and rubs it against my me. I return the gesture by moving my ass against him. Message received and understood. We are going to fuck.

A hand gently moves the hair away from my face and the side of my neck. I feel soft lips on my ear, my nape, nuzzling me gently. Oh so gently. I turn around and face him. I push my hands into the mane of his long, curly hair and look him in the eyes. He is looking at me so intently. We begin ‘The Game’.

‘The Game’ is a a game of tease. We pretend that we are not going to fuck or even kiss, then we touch and caress each other. It’s highly erotic and never fails to get me going. I move in closer and say ‘Let’s just hold each other and be close?’ He says ‘Yes baby’. Then moves his mouth to mine. Our lips touch, then pull away. His mouth is sensual and soft. Lips that are not too small and not too large. Just right. Goldilocks. We very gently allow our lips to touch. I’m getting very aroused. Every now and again, either of us allow our tongues to gently meet before we both pull away and murmour that this is just meant to be us holding each other. But it doesn’t last long.

Our tongues meet more and more. He pushes his hand up the nape of my neck and holds my face. Thumb stroking my cheekbone as we gaze into each others eyes. We begin to kiss. Slowly and sensually. Our breathing is now synchronised.. I feel a hand on my shoulder and I am pushed onto my back. He quickly climbs on top and lays his weight down on me. His hard cock is pushed onto my clit. I groan with pleasure.

‘No, no baby, no sex. I’m just holding you,’ is the response. I cannot help it. I begin to move my hips. Our kissing continues, so slow, so sensuous. He rubs his cock up and down my pussy feeling how engorged and wet it is. Suddenly, the tip of it is at the entrance. I look at him wide eyed. ‘No sex. I thought we weren’t going to fuck?’ I gasp into his mouth. ‘No baby, we’re not fucking,’ comes the deep voiced replay. But as we kiss I wriggle, I crave him inside of me. I begin to pant. I’m longing to be filled.

He begins to push. I beg him, no. We both know this is the game. I begin to stretch and I whimper in response. I’m begging him now please, please don’t. He ignores me and I become wetter. I groan and moan as he pushes his width into me. So slow. ‘No! No! No! No fucking, he says, ‘I’m just putting it in to see how it feels’ before he resumes his pushing. Unbelievably, I feel him expand when he’s inside. He’s now rock hard. And it feels so good. He holds his cock there and I begin to move. Now he begins to thrust. ‘The Game’ is now abandoned. ‘It’s all for you baby’, he says in a quiet voice and I gasp ‘Yes! Yes!’.

‘Please please,’ He knows what I want. I want him to make me gush. He adjusts his angle and allows the tip of his cock to rub on my g-spot. I feel the orgasm approaching. He murmurous gently, ‘Are you ready baby to come on my cock?’ I go even wilder and then I am exploding, showering his cock with my fluids. Again. I’m now looking at him intently in the eyes, our chests together, the energy is flowing between us and it feels so good. He rapidly brings me to a second and then a third orgasm. But he’s still not done..

‘Mmm’, he murmours, before grabbing one of my breasts and sucking on it greedily, removing his mouth and sucking on the other. And then I feel it. Its a big one and its coming soon.

‘Don’t stop don’t stop oh please don’t stop!’ ‘Mmm no’, comes the muffled reply. As he licks and sucks my nipples alternatively with that gorgeous mouth whilst ensuring that his hips are moving in a rolling motion which ensures the base of his cock is on my clit; I begin to cry out. ‘I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum. Oh don’t stop. Don’t stop. Its big. Its so big!’ He feels I am reaching my peak and then he takes both nipples in his mouth. I explode on his hard cock. I can’t stop. I orgasm over and over again. I am screaming with the sheer pleasure of it.

He gives me a minute for my shaking to calm down and holds me before his thrusting starts in earnest. He pulls my legs up and wide and he begins to lose control. His moans become more urgent. I’m now so wet and so compliment. He cums with a roar. I am gazing at him in sheer wonder.

We hold each other. Hands in each others hair, staring into each others eyes before brushing away the hair from my face and lying on top of me.


It’s easy to see what I got out of the session above. But what has the N achieved? Well, earlier on in our relationship the sessions were more frenzied and usually involved more gushing. This was pushing him into an energy burnout where he was exhausted the next day. I would then receive a few malignant hoovers by text which was unpleasant. When we resumed the relationship we both actually tumbled to the fact that it might be better to go slower.

So the N has gained/achieved


  • Fuel and lots of it through my orgasms and words
  • Feelings of superiority
  • Admiration from me
  • By going slow, he has not expanded as much of his own energy
  • Continuing to bind me to him through the sex manipulation
  • His own orgasm (which is no where near as important as fuel and factors above)


Of course, being a weaponised Empath, I know I must contain my own emotions. Most of the time, I can take the pleasure for what it is and leave it at that. However, there have been a few occasions where in the middle of the night, the sex has been more intense and I feel like I am losing control. We will be moaning and groaning and sometimes, I want to cry out, ‘I’m falling for you!’ I always bite my pillow until the feeling subsides so I haven’t betrayed myself, yet.

The sex manipulation is accordingly a powerful weapon if the N meets the right E. However, as a lot of females have real issues with sex and body image, it won’t work on us all. It does however work a treat on me. This manipulation is used by all schools and interestingly it is cadre as opposed to type that becomes important. As I have explained, I’ve tangled with all schools and all cadres (with the exception of a Greater Somatic – I’m not sure I could handle that!). But there is something else going on as well, something that I’ve never been able to explain.

I shall be writing about that later in Part 2.


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