So long and thanks for all the fish! Urm… not quite!

2018 has been a strange and turbulent year ; 2019 is not showing any signs of being any different. Go me.

It’s been a time of me for deep, personal growth and some fundamental shifting on my own views on Kink.

No; don’t worry! Still a big endorser of a bit of the ol’ slap an’ tickle plus ruined garden hoses! (Despite what my partner says; the Swine!) What I have now performed is a fully 180 degree paradigm shift on what we mean by Power Exchange and how utterly dangerous it is.

It’s in light of this that I have decided that the entire blog needs a refresh that now more closely reflects My Worldview.

So, in the next few days it will be relaunched as a sex positive (of all kinds and flavours of the spectrum), non-binary place of interest, fun, merriment, shenanigans, snark and a continuation of my past randomness from Yours Truly.

What can you expect if you continue to follow me? Good question. I’m glad you asked.

1 – Highlighting the inherent dangers of Power Exchange relationships primarily based from the submissive/slave/little/prey part of the slash.

2 – Drawing attention to Narcissistic Personality Disorder With great thanks to the author H.G. Tudor and the clear elucidation of his blog, let alone his books on Amazon).

3 – Understanding Empathy. What is it? Can it be delineated? Do we all possess the Empathic strands and perhaps above everything else; exploring the transition from pre to post weaponisation.

Why it is important that we do? What can we expect and how do we go forward? How do we deal with the immense and in some cases overwhelming trauma inflicted against us and learn to heal? Because we can. Absolutely. And it needn’t cost you a brass farthing.

I hope to share some (little) of my understanding through the path I am currently taking, of what I have experienced and what I anticipate may follow. (Could also be complete and utter gobshite spewings- Editor)

(Editor – Don’t edit me; you cock! – Ren)

4 – Random bollocks which is simply NSFW which I make zero apologies for

5 – History. And especially stuff that combines Sex and Kink (See! I told you I was very NSFW!)

6 – Reviews. Especially sex toys. Been a long time since I had a vibe up me chuff. How glorious to get free samples so I and my partner (let’s call him ‘Loki’) can have a great time and provide the most scathing, the most balanced review we, I mean I, can give.

7 – Victorian Erotica and Literature. No reason other than I like writing about historical grot! On a serious note, how society has changed in how view what was acceptable then as opposed to now.

8 – The many ways I’ve managed to embarrasses myself today.

9 – Tales From the Dating Files. – I think it was said in the Bible in Leviticus, ‘We are Many; We are Legion’. You ain’t darn’ tootin’! More Anon.

10 – That it’s OK to not be OK. This is a safe space for Empaths of all flavors and colours of the spectrum to frequent. I genuinely hope they do.

As always, stay safe and I can be contacted on this email addy here




7 thoughts on “So long and thanks for all the fish! Urm… not quite!

    1. Thank you Mr A. Please do feel free to chime in with your 2p!

      As long as it’s well mannered, thoughtful and does not commit any logical fallacies; I’m all good!

      Bonus points for the following words;

      – Cockwomble
      – Fuckwittery
      – Minetting


      1. Fell asleep last night, πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚

        Fuckwittery, sounds nice. Fucking witty, witty fucking – smart is always sexy kinda thing πŸ˜„


  1. Rediculocity! Love it! I look forward to reading. Just found your blog and it’s all kinds of fun. Now if only I can work in the word varmint somewhere. Heh…. varmint.


      1. Well keep writing your fucktaculor blog I am eyescraping your literacrack and enjoying every wordfisting post…. yes.. I said wordfisting. 😏


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