Loki’s Tale

Part of a series of Dark Erotica set in the times of the Old North…

The sun began to set on the hut in the woods bathing the pine in a soft, golden glow that at times appeared to be almost reddish. The woman sighed with relief. Too often she believed that she would never see Him again. That He would be taken from her somehow. The thought was almost unbearably painful to her and made her heart ache. Loki had been her special refuge you see. He had kept her safe through the darkest of days but now there was no doubt; the days were numbered.

She paused for a second; is it really worth going through this? You know exactly what will happen when you enter His domain. Would it not be better to just turn around now and save herself the heartache?A tear slid down her face and she brushed it away; irritated at this show of emotion.

It was no use. She could not walk away; she had to say goodbye. The door was open (it was always open) so she gently knocked and entered.

As always, he took her breath away. Loki was tall, ever so tall with the body of a God and beautiful long, curly blonde hair. He always took her breath away. Loki lay there naked on a bed covered with wolf furs. She always loved how they felt against her skin when they made love to each other. He was such a passionate lover, the best she had ever had. Together they would go to places that she could only ever dream of.

The woman turned away for a moment, another tear threatening to recklessly escape form her green eyes. Ashamed, she hid her face and glanced around the simple room. She could see him in everything, she was in Loki’s domain for the last time. The thought made her throat catch and she turned her gaze back towards him.

Slowly, she began to remove her clothing, never taking her eyes of his blue-grey ones. Finally she stood naked before him. Loki beckoned her to his bed, holding up the wolf fur so she can slide inside next to him. He extends a long arm and pulls her close to his chest where she lays her head. Held in his arms, the breathing becomes synchronised, in and out, in and out. The tears now do began to spill out of her eyes, wetting his chest with their saltiness.

In one movement he pulls her onto her back and climbs on top. They gaze into each other eyes again. It’s time. He slowly extends his right hand and gently brushes away the tear on her cheekbone, letting his thumb linger there tracing the outline. The woman gently sighs. The hand moves from her cheek and rests at her jaw, finger now caressing her face. A sob catches in her throat but before it can form his sensuous mouth is pressing on hers. So so lightly. Their lips part. The woman feels herself melt into him.; For now there is only them. The world disappears and once again she is firmly caught in his spell.

Her hands are touching his body now, marveling at how the muscles contract at her touch. Loki runs his hands down her body, down the curve of her waist, pulling her rounded ass to him. The woman felt the familiar trickle of her juices down her thighs as his hardness became apparent. He was rock hard, he always was and she yearned to feel him inside her. But he had other plans.

Loki sighed and murmured something but she didn’t catch what it is, he inched down her body planting soft kisses on her smooth skin. She opens her mouth to speak and raises herself onto her elbows, she needs to tell him, she needs to tell him she loves him. A finger is placed on her lips and he gently mouthes ‘hush’. the woman settles back down and closes her eyes.

Then she feels it, like a jolt of electricity on her most sensitive part, her pussy contracts and more of her essence leaks out in response. Slowly, delicately, his mouth is upon her. Loki’s teasing tongue alternating between all the sensitive and secret areas of her body. Her pussy contracts again and this time she releases a moan. Loki does not deviate from his task. He pushes his hands underneath and her and brings the woman closer so he’s drinking from her, tasting her as if she is some fine wine in a ivory goblet. The woman felt her orgasm build, she was going to come, hard. Loki expertly sensed she was close and pulls away, his right hand stroking his enormous cock. He moves back over her, covering her body with his giant one. The woman is quivering, denied her satisfaction. She clings to him, her eyes wide and misty with tears and needing; yearning. In one swift movement she feels his head at her entrance; she moans in response.

Loki begins to ever so gently and ever so slowly push his hardness into her. The woman groans and she tries to inch down onto him. But it was no use. Loki held her pinioned to the wolf skin, unable to move. He was in control.

He begins his thrust, in movements ever so small, just rubbing the outside of her body. Just sliding in and out. The effect was maddening, like having an itch you cannot scratch. Loki was not going near her special place. The one that did the special thing to her. So intense, the feeling was so intense; every nerve ending straining for release. The woman begs him, pleads with him for all of his cock. Deeper, please deeper. The words tumble out of her mouth before she could stop the. It didn’t matter now anyway, she was his, in that moment.

Loki bends to kiss and her finally pushes all the way in and the result was instantaneous. She feels herself contract hard around his cock, her back arching off the bed, she comes. The woman comes over and over again. Gently and first but with time the contractions become stronger and stronger. He withdraws slightly and the woman comes again but this time she’s fountains over his shaft, consumed by ecstasy he’s bringing to her. They both feel the warm honey as it falls down over his cock and onto the furs.

Loki turns to look her in the eye. He radiates pleasure and she is also swept up in that moment. Time didn’t really seem to have a meaning. He sighs and pulls her close. They lie in one another’s arms, silence.

The woman can see that it is now dark. The northern lights dance in the heavens, like a gossamer veil that endlessly ripples against the inky blackness of the winter sky. Every so often a splash of colour would light up the wooden glade, reflecting and refracting off the ice crystals which lay like a glistening carpet on the forest floor.

The woman finally speaks. ‘How did you do that?, she said

‘Ahh, well I just tease you. Have you forgotten who I am?’

The woman smiles but it is a smile of recognition and a wry smile that yet again she had been caught. For Loki was the God of Tricks, of puzzles and of knots.

She also seem to forget then remember, then forget again. The woman wonders if she had become a little spellbound by the giant. Then she remembered again, in the morning there would be no hut. It will have retreated, somewhere deep within the forest. The forst were all things were hidden but nothing was ever forgotten

They drifted to sleep in each others arms.

The woman’s eyes blinked open. It was morning and she stood in the clearing. The hut was not there; Loki had gone. Tears falls from her eyes; she knew she would never see him again and her heart ached for all that they had shared and would never share again.


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The first in a new series of darkly erotic fantasy short stories by Andrew Helliwell. Available at Amazon US and UK.

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