Unsolved Crimes: Who was Jack the Ripper?

130 years ago marks a significant anniversary of a a series of murders were committed in the East End of London. The press called this ‘The Autumn of Terror’. The author of those murders; ‘Jack the Ripper’.

The most notorious crimes possibly ever to been committed which still remain unsolved to this very day. Many suspects have been put forwards. Many words have been written.

In 2015, a book was published by the Director of the film ‘Withnail and I’. He claims to have solved the case. The book is called ‘They all love Jack. Busting the Ripper’. The author; Bruce Robinson. I’ve read it and it postulates a theory which neatly appears to solve the case. I think it does too but what the author does not demonstrate is exactly why it does. I’m going to outline my theory based upon the work of the author, H. G. Tudor.

Much prima facia evidence has been lost to the mists of times. The key question is; do we still have enough to go on? I believe we do. What do we have that is extant?

Primary Evidence

  • Photographs of some of the crime scenes and all of the canonical victims – Some relevance
  • Autopsy reports – Relevant
  • Reports of the inquests – Some relevance
  • Some police notes – Irrelevant. Much has been destroyed, misappropriated or simply stolen down the years

Secondary Evidence

  • The Ripper letters – Very relevant
  • The ‘Juwes’ graffiti – Incredibly relevant
  • The Diary of Jack the Ripper – The key.

But first, background. Very briefly, the East End of London was in turmoil. In fact, the possibility of rioting was not only considered to be possible but actually, very probable. People were starving; there was mass employment. Prostitution on an unprecedented scale (both males and females).

The Queen was unpopular. Take that and couple it with the fact that a year or so previously, the Army had been called into Trafalgar Square and had turned on a largely peaceful demonstration known as ‘Bloody Sunday’ The fall guy in this? The head of the London Metropolitan Police; Sir Charles Warren. Let’s leave him for a moment.

Why were the murders committed in the first place?

First, we must immediately dispel the notion that these were the work of some ‘raving lunatic’. They were not. Or a Doctor. No. A Doctor would not have made such a hash of the mutilations. Or indeed a woman? Unlikely, they required strength. But the lunatic?. The reason why is because of the very last canonical victim, Mary Jane Kelly. Outwardly, it looks like the ravings of a madman who had become unhinged. They were not although they obviously demonstrate signs of significant, ignited fury. It involves three key facts. She had lodgings, she was by all accounts young and pretty. She was found on the day of the Lord Mayor’s Parade. A big event in London which meant that Warren himself would have been involved.

Kelly was deliberately targeted for two of these factors and then killed on the day of one of Londons’ biggest events. Now we get to what I perceive to be the truth. That degree of planning could ONLY have come from a Greater. The splash in the media of a beautiful, young victim being found on such a panjadram of a day would have made the impact utterly beyond precedent. (Middle class Victorians had a largely romantic notion of ‘fallen women’.) You can also see them chocking on their tea as they wafted open ‘The Times’ the next day. Don’t forget that Kelly was preceded by four other victims, very possibly more. What was not just a ‘tinder box’ in the East End was now threatening an insurrection on an unprecedented scale. Who are the fall guys now? The Police. Who is now in serious danger? The Royal Family, The Establishment and especially, the Queen.

But why?

  • Fuel. Fuel from the murders themselves and also though fuel as the ‘horrors’ filled pretty much every single ‘red’ top and broadsheet for weeks. Imagine that? He must have felt like a God
  • Manipulation. He was looking to create the correct environment for an insurrection which would break society itself whilst not being involved himself. So again. Fuel.
  • Revenge against his mother. The mutilations largely involved the uterus and vagina but no sex was involved. They also involved the face and especially the eyes. I believe he had a Matrinarc.
  • Revenge against his brother.
  • Possibly revenge against his Sister-in-law
  • Thought fuel from taunting the Police and the Establishment themselves

A busy chap indeed!

The ‘Juwes’

This is why he is a Greater and not some random, homicidal maniac. Let’s turn to the night of the double event. He is disturbed as he begins the mutilations. In fact, he barely escapes. But he did. Then, what is his next thought? OK, his fury has been ignited, granted. He can however, still think under what must be extreme stress; so he’s not using emotional thinking. What he does next is such a stroke of utter genius that I am really surprised it has never been remarked upon before.

US readers may not be aware of this but in point of fact there are TWO police forces in London, the Met which incorporates most of London and a peculiarity called the City Police whose jurisdiction is what we call ‘the square mile’; the original city itself. There is a boundary, obviously, between the two. He moves rapidly from the East End into the City. To Mitre Square, into the area known as Aldgate. He kills and this time he gets the job done. He cuts off part of Eddows’ apron (covered with her blood) and moves back into the East End which is heavily populated by the Jewish. He scrawls this, frankly bizarre sentence on a wall;

‘The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing’.

Drops the apron to prove it’s from him before disappearing to his lodgings. This is a triangulation involving TWO police forces with the third group, the Jewish population of the East End themselves. How utterly remarkable!

That phrase, has just enough meaning that it could have possibly incited a riot. I’ve often pondered it. It makes almost no sense. Now, I can see it for what it is; it’s word salad. It is also why the crimes themselves are not really about power over the woman. It makes them political in nature. He wants power over society itself.

In fact, it must be clear that all of the women were carefully targeted. Their moves watched over a period of some time. The police beats too would have been studied. This is how he has remained in the shadows for so long. He was raving genius with a phenomenal memory. He was never going to allow himself to be caught.

The Diary

In 1992, a diary perpetrating to be written by Jack the Ripper was found in a Liverpool house (really a mansion) during its renovation. Of course, it must be fake everyone said (no doubt remembering the notorious ‘Hitler Diaries’ published by Stern a decade or so previously which were faked). Yes, the diary is a fake but only from a certain point of view.

The problem with the diary is that it has passed every single, scientific test. Paper is authentic as is the ink. The writing is fluid and consistent with the language and inflections of the time. So, to my mind it was written by a highly intelligent, late Victorian who clearly had intimate knowledge of the crimes. The trouble with the diary is that the author asserts (through various clues) that he is a Liverpool Cotton merchant named James Maybrick. Maybrick himself would die under mysterious circumstances of arsenic poisoning and his own wife, Florence would stand trial for her life. This would later be rescinded.

Maybrick was not an idiot. He was intelligent, for sure but he was also a drug addled businessman, not in the best of health with a business, if I recall was also not in the best of health. This was a man under pressure. I believe him to be a middle ranger. Florence, an Empath. An Empath that someone else was eyeing up. She was also incredibly unhappy. Only an N can do that to a E. So what does she do? She has an affair. Someone finds out about this…

He wants her. Badly. Possibly because she ‘belongs’ to his brother but possibly because she was a Super Empath (albeit a Dirty one). She rejects him. He blackmails her, sets her up for the murder of his own brother (who he kills, he has to be sure that he gets the ultimate revenge). Jack then sets up his own brother for the Ripper Murders by faking the diary and planting the evidence. There are pages missing from the diary; from the front. I speculate he steals the journal (actually a photograph album) from James, removes the pictures and takes them as a trophy. Possibly on the day of the murder itself.

Forging would be a blast for him. I have often observed certain traits in Ns. Reading upside down, speaking backwards, getting information at a mere glance. Da Vinci for example wrote backwards. Some are ambidextrous. This could also explain why no-one can fix which was the Rippers’ dominant hand.

The Letters

Many of the Ripper Letters are still extant. Robinson asserts that a great deal are genuine although they are often dismissed as irrelevance, nonsensical. The work of enterprising journalists. They are not. Jack’s ability to mimic would now come to the fore. The postmarks indicate they came from all over the UK. He is essentially doing the Victorian equivalent of creating multiple sock accounts to troll the Police, the Media, pretty much everyone actually. And unbelievably; he’s getting away with it!

The Smear

It was not enough to triangulate the Police forces, to commit the murders AND attempt a revolution from the Working Class. It had to come from BOTH ends. Enter Prince Eddie, second in line to the throne. Silly Eddie. Bisexual (or even homosexual) Eddie. He HAD been frequenting male brothels in the very East End itself. A fact that becomes known to the Ripper, possibly lots of people and certainly the Establishment.

But the Establishment looks after it’s own. Jack starts the smear (he is part of the Establishment too) using information that everyone already knows about but also layers onto it the postulation that it might be a member of the Royal Family committing the murders. How delicious! The Media would have known about this by the way but pressure was being exerted. The Police knew and would have cleared him in an instant. Before also putting pressure on the Media. Pressure, pressure, everywhere.

Jack had also set in motion a theory about the Ripper which took decades to dispel.

People often remark that Jack was a homicidal maniac whose mind gives away after the Kelly murder. It is true that it does appear if they stop then. After the shocking glut in her room, he either commits suicide, goes to jail for some other offence or ends up in an asylum. None of these are true. The killings do indeed go on but the East End is now too hot. Having taken London to fever pitch, what else can he do? The revolution isn’t happening, the monarchy (whilst being utterly rocked) is hanging on in there. Jack is perfectly sane. He just doesn’t care about murdering others. He does care about getting caught.

The Kelly crime scene photograph is utterly shocking, even today. That body was staged. It is screaming out, ‘Look at what I can do!!!’ To murder a woman, in a room with paper-thin walls. To perform that degree of mutilation, to do it on the VERY day of the Parade. The East End is crawling with police. Yet still he gets away with it. He’s making the police now not just look incompetents but complete, blithering idiots. Warren, now under almost unbelievable pressure to make an arrest and stop a bloody revolution falls on his sword. Jack has claimed another scalp. Then the killings ‘appear’ to stop.

I think it is at this point the Establishment now moves in. Eminence grises, possibly in the Civil Service, threaten Jack. He carries on killing and taunting for another good few years or so. But what the Grises do is somehow ‘de-link’ the Ripper from the crimes being reported in the Media. I also believe Jack changes his tack, making it less obvious. In any case, he came within a whisker of achieving his ‘ends’ but the Establishment were never EVER going to allow that to happen. I think it was close run thing though. Jack was never an out of control, homicidal maniac. He knew exactly what he was doing and more importantly,  how to achieve it. Even more importantly; when to change tactic.

Eventually, the Establishment, rather than risk assassinating Jack (and exposing who knows what?) do the only thing they can. They close ranks and shun him.

What is Jack?

An Upper, Greater Cerebral psychopath.

Did the Police know?

Yes. I further postulate it was the smear that did it. They would have been tailing Eddie and would have known precisely where he was at all times. I rather suspect that Maybrick was also frequenting the same male brothels (fuel, etc) and therefore it was just a question of time before the Police (who by now were following all the clients) made the connection. There may well be other connections through other channels. (Coughs. The Masons)

Did the Royal Family know?

Possibly. Probably the Queen who issues a pre-emptive pardon which effectively kicks the entire Met up the backside whilst simultaneously making it clear to all of the British Public that she was ‘on-side’.

Did the Prime Minister/Home Secretary know?

Yes. Undoubtedly. They would have been briefed by the Civil Service

Who is Jack?

The Victorian Music Hall entertainer, Michael Maybrick, brother to James.

Michael Maybrick (31 January 1841 – 26 August 1913) was an English composer and singer, best known under his pseudonym Stephen Adams as the composer of “The Holy City,” one of the most popular religious songs in English.

Michael Maybrick has (obviously) been fingered before but the notion that he is Jack has never gained traction. I find this point intriguing in itself.

One final thought. One of the Inspectors, Abberline, would later go on to investigate the Cleveland Street sex scandal where Prince Eddie came within a whisker of being properly exposed. Good old Abberline, stooge of the Establishment, gets wheeled out again. The whole case is hushed up and everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

Well, until a certain, charming, Irish playwright comes along a few years later…

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