All change please for the Piccadilly Line!

I love Piccadilly. The Lights! The Statue! Overpriced entertainment! A stones throw away from Shaftstbury Avenue and Theatreland and a little hop skip and a jump, you’re in Soho, bro!

Broadly, this is how I view the world at the moment. A seemingly bright and happy place…but really, it isn’t. Far from it. Scratch the surface of that brightly lit, pulsating carnival balloon and you find utter filth.

So, very simply, it was time for a change.

We live in very uncertain and very unsettling times. I am not going to stop talking about sex and kink (you dirty buggers!) but now it will more of, well, my worldview. So expect lights to be shone on the hypocrites, the criminal, NPD abuse, BDSM abuse, possibly cats (but am undecided…nah! I will. I have a corker from the other day).

Also the more esoteric from discussing neo-paganism to energy work to…. ta dah! Tantra!

Now, until the last word you were probably thinking, ‘Hmm, is this place now the one for me?’ but then you did read that word.


And now you are hooked my friend.

If you’re especially lucky I may share all of my secrets and thoughts on female ejaculation. Turns out, I have quite a few.

So enjoy! And don’t forget that piccalilli truly is the nectar of the Gods!

(There may be recipes. Look, I have warned you, OK?)

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