The Mark of a Civilised Society?

Heard two really important things on the radio today to my mind..

1 – Rape convictions have gone down despite the fact that reports of rape to the police are rising. (Currently only 1 in 58 rapes are being kicked upstairs to the CPS). This hasn’t surprised me. Guessing some report was issued today.

2 – Universities have been ‘ordered’ to stop giving unconditional offers. Rates apparently have risen. That surprised me. Back in the day a U/C was ONLY given to those

I don’t believe either of these two disparate matters are linked (or maybe they are?)

Point is

1 – We have ipso facto decriminalised the third most important law on the statue books. WHY is this not front page headlines?

2 – Unis (prolly the old Polys) are in deep trouble if the U/C offers are being handed out like quarter-wits who should not be there. Bums on seats et al.

So where will this go?

1 – Expect even more rapes! Yeah! Go us!. (Out of every 6 people who are raped, 1 of those 6 are male).

2 – Now expect an utter collapse of some of the more lowly performing ‘Universities’.

I must admit, I am a bit of traditionalist. I do like the old Redbricks. I once sat an exam in the Victoria building of the University of Liverpool. This is where the term ‘redbrick’ was first coined’. Hons year, Advanced Electromagnetism. I obtained the sterling result of 19%. Still a lovely building though. (I recall I amused myself staring at the ceiling.). And even though Oxbridge hasn’t been kind to my class, they are still shining beacons of the ultimate endeavour; showing a possible way in which we might think. Not just have knowledge shoved in there like a badly stuffed sofa..

Education. Education. Even the most poorly performing Uni is still providing a service even if it is largely crap. They are,well durr…educating.

The old Poly system was a good system. A decent system. Someone, somewhere espied money. Just as I was engaging with Unis in ’94/’95, I witnessed the blanket removal of the Polys. Did not make any sense to me then and it certainly doesn’t now.

The Polys were providing day release courses for those in apprenticeships (ONC, OND, HND). If we cannot make things as a country then we cannot export. Where are now the apprenticeships? Oh yeah. There are barely any left.

As to rape? I only have four words.

This vagina has teeth.

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