The Crystal Caper

So, I ‘frequent’ a pagan group. I am pagan. Ever have been since 14 when I figured out that the one with the pointy hat who lofts around Canterbury, did not really like women. He didn’t really appear to like anyone but that’s entirely beside the point.

I’ve been noticing for say maybe, the past few weeks, that something quite odd is going on in that group. You get the usual requests for healing, or herbs, maybe to tell something of themselves. Or even an Elder may pop on a thought provoking question. Largely, the group is good and benign and is extremely well run and moderated.

The problem is this: it’s entitlement. Entitlement is not the bitch of the young. Far from it. Although it is currently being painted that way. Entitlement to me and in this context looks like this.

‘I want dandelions. Can someone send me some?’

First off. Fresh dandelions are out of season. When in season, dandelions are common. Why put someone out for something you can do yourself? Oh and here’s a link to an ethical supplier.

The man had asked and a woman kindly responded that when they grew, NEXT year, she would dry them and send them to him. Beautiful gesture but utterly UTTERLY deluded. We shall examine this.

By now, others were commenting on what he wanted the for (As no-one had a fucking clue as they are used as a diuretic! I might have had some vague notion he was using it to summon the spirit of an unknown demon. This might be a reflection on my current state of mind.)

The thread soon went swiftly sideways as no one had a fucking clue what had gone on.

But I had [Smug mode engaged]. Sorry.

Folks like this male, know where to hunt. They do not do this consciously of course. Some do know but that’s rare. Very. They instinctively target the empathic subset who are largely female. So boards that are primarily focused on sex and or love, formal religions, informal religions, cults, healing, new age and a big one; the pagan boards. In any or which flavour you choose. It also strikes me that another big forum to go for are the 420 friendly ones too.

His first post coupled with his avatar shows not one hint that he truly is pagan. People later respond saying ‘Do it yourself’ and he then started to bring in a shade of ‘But it’s more powerful from a witch’. You, the experienced forum reader will now see that this is the point the entire thread subverts. Over dandelions. Of all things.

Creature now slinks off… Booted out of the group. He’ll be back.

And all because a narc didn’t get his way. His way being of course to make a list of all the pretty females he would then go an interact with later. Playing victim up to the eyeballs. On Private Messenger. Naturally!

So why The Crystal Caper? Well because I had seen a pattern on the board. Not one that I was really paying attention to but had noticed it anyway. (By the way fellow Weaponised Empaths, know when to investigate and just it float over you. Pro tip. You can thank me later.)

Much like Dandelion Boi, people and largely women (which is why it might have floated me by) were posting pictures of tumble stone crystals. The kind of which you find in any gemstone or new age shop. It’s the same trick. The same variation. ‘I need help! Won’t someone help me?’

THIS is the mark of a Predator.

A genuine person would post something really a bit unusual. And will say, ‘I’ve done everything I can to identify. It’s bugging me! Please help?’

Weird thing, quite a few people started repeating these same kinds of posts. Your eye begins to gloss over. You see it but don’t see it. Once, I did get curious. Had a look at her profile. Immediately identified her as a narc from that and first post then reasoned, she’s looking for prey. Male or female. Doesn’t matter. For now they are, as HG Tudor would say, a tertiary appliance in the fuel matrix. They almost would NEVER understand it on those terms.

Anyway today, I’m online and a new variant shows up. This one is male. He’s asking the same question. Name these four crystals. Help?

People start to reply. Then a woman who I perceive to be an Elder pops up. It’s important in this context to know that ‘Elder’ is a conferred title, it is never saught. She asks the obvious question, ‘Why are you asking us for help without connecting with the stones first?’

At this point, if I had got in first I would probably gone in with the standard,


The Elders’ response was far more nuanced. Respec’

She goes on… (I think I’m now in love)

‘But why aren’t you doing this yourself?’

Oh oh, he’s now on the defensive. ‘I don’t know, new’, etc etc. ‘

And now he can’t help himself. He senses the trap. This is ‘Someone In Authority’ who is questioning him? (In his mind now, it’s an interrogation. The Elder may or may not perceive it as thus. It could’ve been entirely an innocent question. But is he going to fall in to this either real or virtual trap?

This is now going through his mind. ‘Oh fuck. If I fuck this up where will I get fresh prey?’

Alas Dear Reader, he does fall in. In an attempt to ingratiate himself with the Elder, he drops THIS clanger.

He replies, ‘Oh I like to know witches’ responses and to see who responds‘. (My italics).

It’s like Carry On WitchFinder General in ‘ere!

This now results in what I am likening to a New Guinness World of Records result for Ren Towers. The fastest EVER blocking by an OP to my being reported to the Admin for one, utterly innocuous comment (Rather than the standard eleventy billion.) I said only this.

‘Why do you need to see who responds?’

Thankfully those good Admin folk saw it for what it was.

It clearly struck me today that, well a few things actually. I have been perceiving a pattern in the repetitious nature of people posting their help me: Identify a lump of purple (IT’S ALWAYS ALMOST AMETHYST!!!!). Or, what are these? (Bloody cloves, you moron), or asking for common herbs that are abundance. They are all ‘ways in’. Ways into the kindness of Empaths.

They are also very low energy ways in to gaining that fuel. what we would call in the Education Trade, low discursive saturation. The original posts will always display it. Very simple, seemingly innocuous posts. Hence the scatter-gun approach. ‘I’ll just post this shit post asking for random help but I’m cunning enough to note who positively replies then stalk them later.’

Of course people who do this have not one clue that they are doing it. It’s instinctive. Like a reflex. Tudor describes this perfectly in his series of works on Narcsite on the School he calls ‘The Lessers‘. (Never been sure of if that ‘l’ should be captialised or not?)

The other pattern that I’ve noted is that when repetitious patterns happen, people can also ignore it. But there might be really intresting things happening underneath the facade. Like people using a social group for one thing but are actually narcissistic in nature (and are largely unaware) who are using it to hunt prey

And unless you see it for what it is, then you will always be vulnerable.


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