Justice Served?

Tragic story in today’s Mail [Edit: It was my intention to post the ORIGINAL article here from The Daily Mail which highlights the facts but fails to grasp a significant issue with respect to bias in the Inquest. Essentially, that the first iteration of the article makes a passing nod to the fact that there is significant bias in the first. I now cannot find the article. The second one is here]

This writing concerns a young woman who was the Dirty Little Secret (DLS) of a married men. Her name was Emily Henthorn. The married man promised he would leave his wife and then changed his mind.

The woman took her own life shortly afterwards. She was just 25. Her name was Emily Henthorn.

On reading this story, so many flags jump out. Ho hum. Let’s go to comments. I read them all. The vast majority express sympathy for the girl. No one is unkind. Rare. No one though is asking the obvious questions though. Let’s go through the article and I will outline my view that this distressing case involved two female empaths and a male narcissist.

They began an illicit romance when helping plan weddings and christenings at a Masonic hall. Is it relevant it’s a Masonic Hall, I wonder? E – Choice of career might be indicative of the love devotee trait.

She met Mr Hardman in October 2018 and it is thought the pair began an affair in January. N Seduction Hoover. E – Honesty, decency due to length of time.

During the relationship they began house-hunting together and saw several properties. N – Golden Period, Future Faking

Emily Henthorn, 25, from Leigh, Greater Manchester, (pictured in a wedding dress shortly before her death) Why has she done that? Was it a picture for him? Love devotee trait

Mr Hardman told the Bolton inquest: ‘At first we were nothing more than acquaintances or friends . Evasion. Which is it?

But a short time later friendship turned into a relationship and that relationship carried on for about five months. Length of time in relationship is short for a marriage proposal. Indicative of a love bomb.

Miss Henthorn told Mr Hardman: ‘If I can’t live with you, I can’t live without you’ and even asked if she and his wife could ‘share him’ E- Black flag. Suicide ideation. Who was helping her?

‘She seemed very calm but I was concerned about her and I rang her dad to say I was concerned. I also rang mental health services and the police and phoned Samaritans as well and left a message. Spoke to her again on that day. Her phone rang my phone and police were at Emily’s house and she was fine and she said: “Everything’s okay”.

Mr Hardman said he then got a text message from Miss Henthorn asking whether his wife would ‘share’ him with her and added: ‘I did respond. I can’t remember what I said but it was a ridiculous question to ask. Avoidance. What precisely did he say on text? Extremely relevant.

‘On the Sunday I sent a number of messages asking how she was but got no response. The next contact I had when her dad phoned me up on the Saturday to say she had died.’

Miss Henthorn’s father Darren said: ‘She was determined, single minded, strong willed and at times controlling but she was very independent. So ‘Dad’, at this point you could have outlined her kindness, her care for animals. Her ferocious intelligence and of course her beauty. YOU chose to smear her, why?

‘Emily had been suffering from mental health issues for about four to five years and her issues then brought her into conflict with other people and members of the family and those close to her. If things weren’t going her way things would flare up. Let’s back that one up. When you sent in your minions and Lieutenants, they could not get her to do what you wished. Hence ‘strong-willed’. Why were they ‘flaring up?’ It’s all so vague.

In the days after the break up, Miss Henthorn (pictured) phoned her sister threatening to take her own life. (Black Flag)

Mr Henthorn said: ‘Emily was a very complicated person I don’t know myself whether threats she made where for show, sympathy or to get attention or whether she did mean them. Seen as that is the way she ended her life perhaps they where real. Blameshift (complicated, attention-seeking), Evasion (Perhaps?). Clearly she wasn’t lying. Demonstrably.

Emily said: ‘There’s a lot gone on and I can’t do it anymore.’ Warning black Flag. Indicative there is more to this than meets the eye.

‘She just said I wont be able to understand what had happened to her in the last few months and then she put the phone down. I tried to ring her back for days but got no response. Or…you could just go round and see her? The split was just before she took her own life but she is alluding to something ‘going on for months.’ That’s indicative of other manipulations.

She said she had a method of manipulation to try and get the gentleman to stay with her. Well, explicitly say it then! What was it? The article is leading us to assume that she was using the suicide ideation. It’s all rather vague as before. Usage of ‘gentleman’ is indicative of a certain generation. Older. Whatever this man was, he was NO gentleman.

The Coroner: ‘She appears to be someone who had this split personality issues. (My italics) This is the Coroner. Coroners are not medical people. That is what the experts are for. What does ‘split-personality’ actually mean in a medical sense? The Coroner has sailed right over his remit and is suggesting that she is unhinged. Smear, Grandiosity (knowing better than the expert)

“I do believe that social media and YouTube open up mechanisms of causing death to those that have been vulnerable.” Blame-shift and avoidance plus a lie. If the woman was determined, she’d find a way.

‘I am greatly saddened by the fact Emily was outgoing, attractive, vivacious personality. Entitlement (misogyny). It’s utterly irrelevant what she looked like.

Saddest that she had that other side of her personality. Minimising by usage of ‘other’. She was intelligent enough to get on a Maths degree. Why did he not explicitly highlight this?

That came together sadly in that last two weeks of her life caused her to act in that way and tragically ended her life in that way. Evasion. Blame deflection (Coroner has failed in his duty), false narrative. Abuse had been going on in one shape or form for years.

That finding would be unimaginable to all of us in the court.’ Evasion. Killing yourself because you have been abused happens all the time so not unimaginable at all. Indicative of ‘soundbites’ used by a person who does not fully understand Affective Empathy. Empaths abhor platitudes such as these and they are ‘sniffed out’ vary easily.

So many questions!

  • What was the underlying medical mental health complaint that she had since she was 20? We are not told. It could be incredibly relevant.
  • Why did she drop out of the university course?
  • With both the paramedics and the crisis team involved, what steps were her parents taking to ensure that a suicidal woman who was now expressing a firm wish to die (see friends phone call)? You can be sectioned for that alone. Why was she not sectioned? Emily was demonstrably wishing a firm and clear wish to die as per her friends’ calls and texts.
  • Why is the blatant smear by both her father and the married man on her character and equally the Coroners utterly un-medical and biased comments allowed to stand unchallenged?
  • Considering the strangeness and bias in the inquest, the question I would pose is as both the man and the woman worked at the same Masonic Hall, how did she come across the post? Is the father a member perhaps? Is the man a member? Is the Coroner a member? Did the police look into this? (NB. I wrote this BEFORE another version of the story came out in The Mail.)
  • Is it normal behaviour for Father and the Married Lover to be in such close contact? Have they had contact before? Was this questioned by the Coroner? Have the transcripts to Inquest have been released into the Public Domain?

Bottom line. This woman was severely let down by her parents (especially the Father) and the Lover. Who are now back-peddling so fast to paint the narrative that she was ‘unbalanced’. Why? Oh yes; to void culpability. And the Coroner is allowing it to stand before also bringing in his layman’s opinion. Which is facile, at best.

This young woman had everything truly everything to live for. She she just couldn’t see it. Clearly intelligent and still so heartrendingly young. You only can see from the text and her pictures that this woman was a love devote.

And one who has clearly not received justice


Edit: As I was preparing the final edit on this post, I came across another article by The Daily mail. Published after the first one quoted. It’s here.

Now this article is mentioning that it wasn’t just that the man/lover was part of the wedding planning going on at that Hall. Of course, he is also a Freemason.

Again, I now ask the following questions.

1 – How did Emily get the job in the first place?

2 – Is her father a Freemason?

3 – Is the Coroner a Freemason?

4 – What is her mothers part in all of this? She seems strangely quiet to my mind.

5 – Additional. A certain ‘Amy Corrigan’ named as a ‘former’ girlfriend of Emily is mentioned as being one of the last people to talk to her. The usage of the phrase ‘girlfriend’ initially skipped me by. If this woman was in an intimate partnership then THAT should also have been teased out.

What was the nature of this relationship and any involvement Ms Corrigan had in the matters surrounding Emily’s death?

There are very dark and strange occurrences involving Emily’s death. It’s outrageous that THIS is still going on in the 21st Century.

Female and male Empaths are not chattels to be open for abuse.

Not any more.

6 thoughts on “Justice Served?

  1. I was truly sickened and horrified by this story. I could not believe how this girl was utterly character assassinated by her ‘lover’ (I use that word in the loosest possible terms) father and coroner. Absolutely heartbreaking.


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