The Red Revolution

I’m calling for our next Revolution. Or more accurately, I’m calling out to society to recognise the massive spiritual revolution which began in the 1960’s.  However, before we get to what I am terming, the Purple Revolution,, we have delineate two of the other revolutions.

Like many trends in biological systems, they do not follow a linear rate of change. It’s a polynomial. This is important because if we examine the great societal changes in homo sapiens there have been quite a few revolutions. The rate of change in society is moving faster and faster. I am going to focus on three of those revolutions.

When I examined the great big drives in society, it struck me that we could use the New-Agey philosophy of Body, Mind and Spirit and the Chakras.

For information, the concept of chakras is an extremely ancient one. It’s the basis of Reki itself. Literally healing via energy. There are seven major chakras; The Root (Red), Sacral (Orange), Solar Plexus (Yellow), Heart (Green), The Throat (Blue), The Third Eye (Violet) and finally the Crown chakra (white or maybe perhaps crystal). Essentially the Root connects us to Earth and the Crown to the Universe.

The first Revolution happened when our homo sapien ancestors twigged on to the concept of planting. Especially grains such as wheat, barley and oats. Once that happened, when our diet now began to shift towards a carbohydrate one that supplements protein, well I believe it gave us more energy. It enabled the nomadic who must have been moving in tribes, could settle down. Make more permanent dwellings. The concept of ‘community’ is as old as humans but now something else was about to happen; commerce.

I grow these lovely apples. More than I need ,so I trade them with a neighbour for something I want and she has more of. bartering. Bartering is the very basis of an economy. Society began to evolve and become more sophisticated. Eventually money replaces the concept of a like for like trade but the simple act of cultivating grain, making bread, was the first big revolution. This era began in about 10,000 BC.

This was the Red Revolution. 

6 thoughts on “The Red Revolution

  1. Working at a yoga center and hindu temple I am vary fermiler with chakras. My mother is also one of the best raki practitioners in the country though she no longer does it professionally.


      1. sirhanz

        I’m not following.

        I am writing in a particular subject that I hold expertise in. 18 years to be precise.

        When I write, I write what is exactly required in that point in time.

        What I asked is not what are your thoughts on the delivery but your thoughts on the matter.


      2. Ah… I misunderstood. Alright.. jumping in 😏 the idea of chakra derived from the hindu yoga path has I believe been co-opted by the new age tradition for many years. I grew up around it and saw how it was used selectively to validate someones already held beliefs by cherry picking only the parts that they liked and ignoring the rest. Not saying you have done this but want anyone reading to be aware that it happens quite a bit and watch out for it. The problem is most people that are not hindu have not read the actual vadas and dont know when someone is ignoring the possible consequences of energy work with only a basic knowledge. I have seen many so called “raki masters” or “energy healers” that are themselves a wreck because they dont understand what they are doing and refuse to believe that they are actually damaging themselves and others. It feels good so it must be ok right? Smoking crack feels good too..
        My point is that unless someone is willing to put in the effort to realy understand this stuff and yes.. it takes years to be able to do even basic energy work with chakras without risk, then they probably shouldn’t get into it. And if someone says they learned energy work at a weekend workshop… run. I may be a bit cynical but I have seen people that have serious problems because they dont understand what they are dealing with. That being said…. if you do put in the work.. it can do wonders. Hope I was able to articulate my thoughts in a way that makes sence.


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