Ren Towers #2: The highly ‘sensitive’ person

The good old Daily Fail does bring up some choice articles from time to time. This writingcrossed my feed today.

The subject of this piece is a woman named as ‘Spiritual healer Mel Collins’ has spilled the vertible beans on these very sensitive people. But what do we we mean by that? According to Collins, it is people who;

  • Still smarting over that nasty thing your mother-in-law said to you all those years ago?
  • Do people always tell you to stop taking things to heart?
  • And do you marvel at those ‘bombproof’ types who face down public disgrace or scandal and barge to the front of a queue without flinching?

In other words, are YOU an Empath. Collins goes on to say that;

  • Someone who processes emotions more deeply than others and often for longer.
  • You may also be more reactive to environmental stimuli — feeling frazzled by crowds,
  • Bothered by loud noises or even flustered by fluorescent lighting or changes in the weather.
  • Too much stimulation and you begin to feel overwhelmed.

Bingo. This is the very definition of Empathic behaviour.

Collins assets that this is normal behaviour and it is not your fault. She further goes on to say that 20% of people suffer from this heightened awareness.  How she has arrived at this figure is not fully understood.

This is not a ‘dagger’ piece against Collins, far from it. Her piece to The Mail highlights how I also perceive society. I do question her 20%, I think it’s far lower. I do see a lot of empathy and care in this article which is she espouses views which are in accordance with my own.

I do think though that she is missing the pieces and maybe, she is also a regular on narcsite. Maybe she isn’t. But her words are very much useful and deserve to be taken into consideration in how we deal with NPD sufferers.

3 thoughts on “Ren Towers #2: The highly ‘sensitive’ person

    1. Dear Leanne

      Thank you for the link to your writing, I will read.

      According to HD Tudor, people who are strong on the Empath spectrum is actually at about 25% of the population. I think he is correct and I am wrong. That surprised me that he thinks it higher.


      1. Oh, those aren’t my writing, just information about the topic.
        I’ve spent many a day reading Tudor. He was instrumental in helping me understand the disorder from an insider view. I appreciate his views..
        Still waiting on that last empath category though! 😉


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