The Purple Revolution

But in the meantime we had WW1 and WW2. Its been often been said that the seeds of WW2 were sown after the outrageous act upon humankind which was The Treaty of Versailles. The Allies essentially butfucked the Axis. In every conceivable way possible. This was ‘Reparations’. What The Alliies did was to sew the seeds of the Holocaust in the Axis’ minds. It took the right people there at the right time and BANG! We are exterminating Jews, the Disabled, the Travellers, the Homosexuals, the Mad.

These actions then led to the third revolution.

The dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and of course the first, Trinty, were an unbelievable psychic act on homo sapien. We entered the Atomic Age for real. Of course it had been entered decades later when Rutherford’s team had set up the gold leaf experiment. Once we understood (or thought we did) understand matter itself then the next step is to divide it. Poor Madame Curie. All those years stirring pitchblend to get radium. And your understanding of radioactivity would change the world.

Now we are in the grip of the third revolution. This is the revolution of our third eye; the psyche itself. It is the drawing together of two disparate colours, the red of the root and the blue of the throat chakra. Look around you and you will see examples of how the red and the blue are continually being sent our way. 

Red and blue make purple. This  is the purple revolution which sprang up in the late 60s.

Flower power. The rise of the hippies. Beatles going weird and of course The Doors. 

The Beatles are of course from Liverpool. Right from one of the principal heartlands of the Industrial Revolution.

But what had been brewing since the dropping of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was both a threat to world peace and equally an increasing need for the empathic members of society to say a very clear STOP!

Its gone too far. We are now rebelling. The normal human, youth of the mid to late sixties got it. 

How can any of us not see how the 60’s suddenly died? It took the awful murder of Sharon Tate, her gruesome slaughter, to wake up the general population. Woodstock was trampled upon. Don’t forget we have the Zodiac Killings occurring in the same state as the Tate killings. California. And importantly, the City of Angels. 

It’s then  from LA something remarkable happens. The birth of counter-culture itself. It began slowly and tentatively with the rise of the old leather guard. This then evolved into new leather and the rise of kink. Heavily borrowed from the old leather scene.

This went deep into our collective subconscious. What had always gone on, largely male homosexuality had suddenly erupted. We get the rise of gay culture and riding on the back of that was acid house. Suddenly psychedelics were back with a vengeance.

Do you see why I said in the first article that the shortening between revolutions is happening quicker and quicker. 

Building building, always building.

After the disastrous tenentship of Michael Foot, the Labour Party adopted both the equally disastrous Neil Kinnock and changed their emblem to the red rose. This very much annoyed Lancastrians, I feel. This was OUR symbol. Our badge. Our totem. A symbol of the working class.

Now it’s being sacrificed on the altar in so far as how much gold I can stick in my pants.

Now culture is progressing faster and faster. The dissemination of information and how quickly we can bump phones with another.

The third revolution certainly had its origins in the aftermath of WW2. It peaked in 68 before being almost destroyed. But not utterly.

It rose again. And again with counter culture.

As a society we have changed from red to blue. From being grounded to Mother Earth to almost completely divorcing ourselves from it before finally finding it again as we become more and more switched on to environmental issues. The key to this third revolution lies within how we perceive society itself. I think it’s no coincidence that we now have The Red Brigade.

What has frightened me is the erosion of women’s rights which appears to have happened extremely quickly in real terms. I see very similar parallels between the persecution of witches and the persecution of women. I will expand on this in a future article which I will supply with data from the UK Government.

This is the Purple Revolution. A revolution in the understanding of empathy itself.

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