On Patience

So I’ve been playing a game over the last 24 hours. Two actually. One is the game of ‘Patience’ and the other is my old favourite, the Tarot.

Two decks of cards. One, has 52 cards, the other, 78.

Playing cards are very funny things indeed. How did they evolve? And why? Is it just a game or is there some deeper meaning to them? I think they are very mysterious indeed.

Playing cards themselves come from the Tarot. The Tarot ‘magically’ appeared in the 15th Century in Italy. For those that do not know, they are extremely similar. The Tarot is divided into the Major and Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is essentially the standard deck minus one suit of cards – the Page. So normally, we have King, Queen and Jack. The Minor also adds the Page. For some reason this Court card was dropped. I do not know why.

The other aspect that was junked is the Major Arcana. These are the cards that we really associate with The Tarot. Cards such as the Hierophant, the Tower, The Devil, The Wheel of Fortune. Death, of course Again, why this evolution between The Tarot and the standard 52 card deck is not really understood.

But there I was, playing the game of Patience. A game my Grandmother taught me. I used to play it an awful lot when I was a child. Not played it for years.

There are ‘rules’ to Patience. Indeed, several rules depending on the variant. The one Granny taught me are these. You set out the spread. 7 cards, first one turned up then six face down. You then build up thusly.

Second rule is when a space on the line becomes cleared, if you have a king, he goes there. The third is with the spare deck, you deal three and see if you can place the cards. She also taught me that if you say only have two cards left as you are dealing, you can deal the third from when you turn your hand over. Incidentally, Patrinarch taught me the harder version. Granny’s version leads to more outcomes. He said ‘No, Ren. If you end on two cards as you are dealing, you DO NOT turn over to get the third!’ He was correct of course. It makes the game harder. I’m not a member of The Royal Statistical Society for nowt.

Why am I banging on about this? Because playing cards tell you a lot abut life. Let me explain. From the Empaths’ perspective.

Society is taught ‘The Rules’ of the Game of Life’ from a very early age. Behave this this; do not do that. All of us know the way we are expected to behave. A certain subset of society, people who have NPD, do not follow the rules. They either largely do it subconsciously or do it consciously (rare).

Empaths very much like to follow rules. They are our boundary conditions.

So when I suddenly had a space cleared, the rules state, if there is a king, you put it there. I paused; is this really the right option I asked myself?

It might be, it might not be. Patience is a game of chance, much like life. If I follow the rules then I might ‘get the deck out’. If I don’t, will I get the deck out? Who knows?

Life rests on the turn of a card. How certain can we be that by following the rules; we will win? We are TOLD to follow the rules. But what if we break them? Deliberately? Isn’t that what narcs do all the time and get away with it?

Thinky thoughts, indeed.

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