Captain Jack says ‘Hi! And the Rum is holding up…Saavy?’

With ‘The Virus’ running rampant and even affecting our dear and much beloved Prime Mister, I was getting a tad concerned for Jack.

I should not have been concerned. We did have a brief bit of chit-chat about the state of the Rum, and whether I would receive ‘The Bum’ I desperately craved. Fortunately I now had Baccy and Jack, dear sweet Jack, sent me some of his ration. Well, I say ‘ration’ as he’s in charge of the cargo it. It’s a bit like letting Oliver Reed look after the drinks cabinet.

I tried the rum, unfortunately and I dare not say this to him; it’s rot-gut. But it’s the thought that counts.

And speaking of thoughts, The Captain has thought of us all too!

Here he is. Another video for your delectation.


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