Who is Ren?

I’ve been thinking recently about me. Yes, very egotistical I know.

I have had another baby. Red Rose Publications Ltd. It was a trying time. However, it is done and now matters can commence.

In line with this and in keeping with my own sense of legacy, the blog will now turn to matters more largely concerning myself. Because what I have experienced in my life would pretty much shock most people to the core. So why wouldn’t I share that with my readers?

Who am I?

Well, I am Renarde. 

I gave myself this name for reasons that I will unravel in due course.

I am a daughter, sister, lover, wife (ex and both times), mother. Above all, mother.

I am a physicist, a scientist, an engineer and I am a teacher and lecturer. A member of three professional bodies and co-author on two, scientific papers.

But enough of that shit ‘cos it’s boring. And I do not want my readers to be bored. What now is important is that I am a Writer, an Editor and a Publisher. I do not want to do anything else other than what I am doing now.

In my previous life I was a Kink Event Organiser of two major events in London. I became a member of The Scene and I heard tales that would equally fascinate me and enthrall me in equal measure. (Plus be downright shocked!). I want to share some of these tales with you.

I swear a lot. And I mean I REALLY swear. If this is not for you then I invite you to move on with my blessings. To the ones that stay? Expect a lot of Cunt Shit Fuck Bollocks. Oh and Twat. Mustn’t forget that!

I also have another strand. That of Occult Practitioner. I have been a Pagan Priestess since 2003. A High Priestess in my time but I’m now more a kind of weird witch at the end of the woods that has cats. I was granted last summer (2019) access to the first level of the inner plane. That one is still freaking me out.

I will talk about two things a lot. Sex and Narcassistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Plus cats. Must not forget The Overlords!

Thank you for your attention.

I remain,



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