Say Cheese!

Now, I don’t know whether it’s CV-19 or if there is generally something in the air at the moment but maybe you lovely people can help me work this oneout?

In the last couple of months I have had two really quite strange incidents involving photographs. To be more precise, pornographic photographs. To be even more precise, my photographs.

To set the scene. Years ago, I was very overweight. At my largest, I went up to a UK size 22/24. I began to lose weight (5:2 if anyone is interested) dropping about 8 ½ stone and I’m pleased to say, kept it off (OK go on you cheeky buggers, I’m a 10/12 now). Around that time I began to get reacquainted with kink. And because ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, I adored photography…well you can see where this is going.

I took a lot of pictures, maybe over 1000 but only say, 50 or so were any good (By the way, 5% is about right). I was scrupulous you see. If something was slightly off; binned. 

There is nothing wrong in my view with taking very explicit pictures, hard-core etc but mine were never like that. The most you could really say was erotica perhaps at times verging into glamour. The pictures were taken for me. And me alone. To remind myself that at this point in time, this is what I looked like. A permanent record.

Anyway, they were a huge confidence boost. I do really recommend it and that brings me onto the concept of ‘Boudoir Photography’. I took all of my own pictures using very cunning ways.  Again, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the concept, it’s how it is executed.

This brings me to a platonic male friend who had become very close. Just as a friend with never any intimation on my behalf of anything more. He knew about my pictures, had seen many of them via He also knew what I had been through including rape and sexual assaults.

A good year ago he told me he wanted to get into Boudoir Photography. I inwardly groaned. I was waiting for the inevitable which never came, ‘Can I shoot you?’. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Therefore, it was somewhat of a shock when a few months ago he turns around and says, ‘When lockdown is over, I want to take pictures of you.’

I want. I want. I want. No, ‘Please may I?’ or ‘Can we talk about this idea I’m having?’.

And that was that friendship finished. He clearly wanted to get me partially or fully naked. On our own. No thank you.

The second guy was someone who I didn’t even know but I knew his female friend. One day, we were talking about an upcoming trip. I was looking forward to it. All of a sudden the phone goes quiet and a man comes on. To cut a long story short, this was a thinly veiled attempt at getting photographs off me. 

When I found out he was going, I cancelled. As you can imagine, it made me feel terribly uncomfortable, especially considering he was 6’8” and I’m 5’4”!

What is going on here? It is unusual for me to get two requests in such a short amount of time. Is it CV-19? Or something else?

I would really like to hear your experiences of this kind of thing, asking for pictures, the receiving of unsolicited ‘cock’ pictures, random people cropping up and demanding things.

Happy snaps!

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